We’re thrilled to reveal the cover of our upcoming release, RADIO UNDERGROUND, by debut author Alison Littman!

Releasing November 13, 2018, this thrilling and moving historical fiction novel examines the lengths and limits of loyalties and love

Radio 12

In Radio Underground a family is torn apart by the deadly Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Eszter Turjan is a mother – and a fanatical underground journalist-living in Budapest at the height of the Cold War. After years of suffering under the communist regime, she’d sacrifice anything, and anyone, to see the government fall.

When Eszter manipulates news broadcasts on Radio Free Europe, she ignites the vicious revolution. During the bloody up rising, Eszter commits a calamitous murder. She is captured and dragged away screaming to a secret underground prison.

her husband Ivcan, a staunch government loyalist, watches Eszter’s arrest from their home. Betrayed and terrified, Ivan cuts all ties with her. Even more affected is their teenage daughter Dora, who cowers in her bedroom as the secret police arrest Eszter. Haunted and hurt, Dora vows to work against everything Eszter believed in. But, it’s not that simple.

After nine years, Dora is unwittingly drawn back into Eszter’s circle when she falls in love with a Radio Free Europe fan. She discovers her mother has descended into madness after years of torture and imprisonment. Worse, Eszter is headed toward trial–and most likely a firing squad. To help her, Dora would have to defy a vindictive and lethal regime. On the brink of losing Eszter again, Dora must decide if she should risk her life for the mother who discarded or–or leave it to fate.